29 September 2007

Jericho - Season 2 from the Production Blog

Wow, as I was reading yesterdays production blog it dawned on me, its done. We are now that much closer to seeing season 2 on the telly. Hey Lennie, so great to see you post on the blog, many thanks to you for taking the time and thanks for saying such neat things about RubberPoultry, he is without a doubt the graphic Hawkins of our crowd!

Here is the thing folks, when you sit down and really think about this, and look at those pictures of them having pizza ( without us might I add!)......

it sinks in, its over for season 2.......... and we are all sitting around thinking its time to sit , wait and hope for the viewers to be there at the end of season 2.

Do you really want to be back at square one, fussing at CBS et al, if the viewers are down? I don't.
It is time to pick up our collective asses and get to working on solid promotional work. Now, to all who are doing so, kudos to you!!! But in my very humble opinion, its time to get our butts off the boards and onto the streets! Yes, the net played an integral part of our campaign, but it was the passion, the strong urge to save the show. It was the fan who plastered I don't remember how many thousands of fliers to cars in a parking lot. It was the fans who called radio stations and requested over and over the songs from the show, just so the DJs would ask why.
It was all the people wearing shirts with Nuts in various forms on them, just so that people would ask what it was for ( what a concept, being a walking bill board!)

I am in no way signaling out anyone idea or project here, I am highlighting the efforts I can recall at this moment. I am sure there were hundreds more that deserve to be talked about.
We had better digest this right now, if we do not hit the streets now, and promote the show to potential viewers in any way we can, we will be sitting where we all were on May 15th.

Lets revisit all those awesome things that folks did in May, and June that lead to our success, lets take those ideas rework them, and get to it!
Blogger for hire here, want help with an idea? I am your gal, point me in a direction and I am on it!


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