21 September 2007

Jericho Fan and Ranger KayT

It is my great pleasure to introduce my friend and fellow fan of Jericho, KayT. She works non stop to make sure that Jericho is a constant on peoples minds, promoting the show every chance she gets!
She is also super fun to chat with and has great ideas to boot.

KayT - Fellow Jericho Fan

How were you introduced to Jericho? What did you think of the shows first episode?

I was introduced to Jericho by my husband. He was the first person in our household to watch Jericho. One day I stopped to see what he was watching and the next thing you know I was hooked. I then watched the first episode on Innertube to catch up with the two episodes that I had missed. It was clear to me what pulled my husband in to watch the show. The first episode is compelling and addresses situations that could occur in real life.

When Jericho got going, did you ever think that it was going to be
put on hiatus or even worse, canceled? Did you know it was simply
on hiatus?

Initially we (my family) wondered what happened to the show and if it had been canceled. By going to CBS.com I discovered that it was on hiatus, which was quite disappointing, but even more disappointing was when it was brought back against American Idol.

Which character do you identify with on Jericho most?

I can very much identify with Stanley. I grew up in a small town out in the country and Stanley and his farm remind me of those days. His honorable demeanor and playful charm caught my attention early on and reminded me of the farm boys that I grew up with.

When you watched Jericho, did you feel it was a family show with values you could accept?

Jericho is a show about serious situations, however, it sends a family message of hope and sticking together during hard times.

What do you think about all the reality television we are seeing on all the networks these days?

Reality television is out of hand. It is nearly impossible to turn on the television and not see some type of reality show. The one I find most degrading is called "Fat March" where over weight people are given a certain amount of miles to walk for prizes. These shows continue stooping to lower levels.

When CBS announced that Jericho was canceled, what did you do first? Did you go straight to the forums and jump in or did you do something else?

I heard a rumor that it might be canceled and went to the CBS boards to confirm. I had been checking on a daily basis. The first thing I did was tell my husband and he was shocked. I jumped right in to the Save Jericho campaign because I felt that CBS needed to know that Jericho had a huge fan base that was obviously not being represented well by the minimal amount of people included in the Nielson ratings.

What did you think our chances were of winning this fight,especially with Nuts as our ammunition?

The fan movement was so powerful that I truly believed we had a good chance of winning our fight. The letters, emails, phone calls, nuts, Shaun's show, all played a part in saving Jericho! The fans joined together as a team and it worked!

Of all we have been involved in during this whole campaign, what one thing stands out most about it all?

The one thing that stands out for me is helping others. We fought to save Jericho but the fans have also shown their support for Greensburg and the Troops and I am most proud of that!

You got the chance of a life time to actually visit the set of Jericho, what was that like?

It was a great experience that was made more special by being able to share it with my children. I will never forget the wonderful people that we met nor the awe of feeling enveloped by Jericho.

What was your favorite part of the whole visit, what one memory will stand out for all time?

Watching my son and daughter talk to the cast and crew about helping our troops. It was a proud moment in my life that I will never forget. Watching them interact and work selflessly to get messages for friends, autographs for their dad (who was not able to make the trip) and promote our efforts was amazing!

As a fan, I would say that watching filming was an incredible experience as well as sitting with the cast during lunch and talking about every day life. They are all incredibly down to earth and friendly, that I will never forget.

What was it like to actually stand in Jericho, and view the places we see each week? Did it take any of the luster off to actually see it?

Walking into Jericho was very surreal. As we strolled the sidewalks of Jericho we came upon City Hall, and I immediately thought of Johnston. That initial walk around the town felt like a visit to a familiar place, it felt like home.

I did have concerns that I would watch the new episodes and think of this visit. It actually had the opposite effect on me in that I feel as if I know Jericho better now. The cast and crew of Jericho are wonderful people that have such big hearts much like the characters they bring to our television screens. Knowing that makes me more excited to watch the new episodes!

What was it like to actually be able to sit down and talk with the cast and crew? What did you get to see and do? Go anywhere special?

The cast and crew were great! What a giving, friendly group of people. Everyone welcomed us with open arms, and they were great with Zac and Shelby, which meant the world to me.
We toured around the set and saw Hawkins home, the Green home, the hospital room, city hall, the police station, sheriffs office. We were also able to watch a scene being filmed, which was a memorable experience for me, it was great!

Did you get a chance to speak to the cast and crew about the Save Jericho Campaign, and if so what did they think of all this?

The cast and crew were all incredibly appreciative for all that the fans have done for Jericho. They were clearly in awe of the efforts put forth by the fans, and were especially inspired by the fans charitable causes, such as DVDs for the Troops, Greensburg and the Staten Island Project.

Besides visiting the set of Jericho, what other things did you getto see and do while in LA?

We went straight to the ocean. Living in Missouri, we are not close to the ocean, which made going to LA even more special. Shelby and Zac had a blast just visiting the ocean, with Zac feeding the birds and collecting shells and Shelby running from the water as the waves chased her to shore, she loved it. We sat on the beach and watched the sun go down over the ocean and it was beautiful.

What one thing do you think is most important for the fans to remember about saving Jericho.

That we did it together! We joined together and made clear the need for changes in how viewers are counted.

What do you suggest to us all, to help promote the show better.

I would suggest that we all work together and get the word out in any way we can. Some of us will do it through word of mouth, others will do so by purchasing DVD's as gifts,however we do it, it is crucial that as a group we show the same vigor that was shown during the Save Jericho Campaign.

Finally, if you could have a moment of Les Moonves time, what would you tell him about Jericho, about its fans?

I would tell him that he was right in his comments about the fans getting around the system and still getting their messages to CBS about Jericho. It was not a game for us, but rather a collective effort to be heard! In regards to the fans, I would tell him that I have never met a better group of people, and how proud I am to be working along side them.


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