18 August 2007

What is new at Jericho Web Site?

Wow, last night was great, got to put my feet up and simply enjoy my show! AKA is one of my favorites, because it allows us to see how dicey it could be for a person in Hawkins postition in that situation. He had two choices , and each was not a easy one to make for his and his families sake. I am not sure if I would have had Jakes level of surety to be able to go with the flow like he does.

And look at the nifty photo I got to see at the production blog - Brad makes a very cute Writers Assistant don't you think? And I love Lisa Schultz ( Jericho Writers Assistant) enthusiasm for how long we will be seeing Jericho, all the way through Seasons 5,6, and 7 and on to a trilogy of movie's!

I simply can't wait until the new episodes start, to see where they take everyone in the story. I am not one who can take suspense for long guys, but it is fun knowing that as with Christmas, the good stuff is yet to come.

On the Production Blog today there some great posts such as the bloopers post at the Wiki.

One blooper question that is brought up is about when Victor breaks into the Pharmacy in town looking for medicines, due to his being severely sick with radiation sickness. When Jake gets him back to the medical center, and he stops breathing; Gail gives him mouth to mouth resuscitation! The discussion on the wiki is , could you get radiation sickness from doing mouth to mouth? So far, the answers left are that NO, one can not * not that I think I could take that risk *
Another blooper thread, is the always popular discussion of the mountains, now I have not lived in Kansas but I have been through a couple of times driving, so I know that the mountains are just a pure creative move on the production teams part, and it must be a cost issue to film in Kansas for all the outside shots.

My blooper if you will? In AKA, while Hawkins in cuffed in the chair in his basement by Jake.... he picks the locks with a pin. Now my husband tells me that this is simply not possible, so I left a comment on the wiki, to see what you all think.

We are now down to the last four episodes of the season, and for new viewers; these last four are the most important. They set the mood for what is too come for the show, and are the best indicator or what this show is really all about.

Jericho DVDs For the Troops

As of the writing of this post, the totals for the DVDs for Troops is at 882.37! Now, while we still seem to have time, this is some thing that helps our troops and helps Jericho. The sales numbers of Jericho DVD are very telling to TPTB, so even if you can only afford a few bucks, if you can send to the fund and this is the link for the donation website.

As I have said before, the DVD for Troops effortas well as the Staten Island Project Home Front effort being played out on Nuts for Jericho and the CBS boards is very important to me and the others who are working on these efforts. For me, my two sons are out in the world working very hard to help keep us all safe, but they are not the only two boys, not the only sons or daughters. The least I can do, is give of my time to assure myself that each and every soldier has the items they need to feel as comfortable as they can while in the war time situation they are in. I thank each and every one of you who helps these causes in any way, you are all angels.
I wouldalso like to say a special thank you to Jericho Rally Point, they have been awesome about letting us post our ideas there, and there are so many supportive folks there! :-)

Another effort being worked on at CBS is to keep the show in the top 40 - the following is posted today by flowerlady11 @ CBS:

Jericho is now in the Top 40 of All Time - Let's not let our guard down and keep on climbing!! Our short term goal is to pass Alias in 1 days!!! Our long term goal is "Hall of Fame by Memorial Day" that is 250,000 votes. We can do it because Jericho Fans Rock!!!!

ATTENTION FANS: Don't type in Jericho on the nomination poll anymore these votes won't count - the new link to vote is: http://richlabonte.net/tvvote/index.html

So, please remember to vote. I know we can get the votes up to pass Alias in one day!

One day soon, someone will realize how damn talented each and every fan of Jericho on the various forums and boards and website are, we are a force to be reckoned with when we put our minds to the issue! It was once said that once the show was saved, we as a fan force would be able to put our considerable talents together and work on world peace, I say it just might be possible from us!

And I will never forget how truly blessed I am now, because of a television show. I now have friends, friends I would never have met had it not been for you CBS, so I owe you a debt of gratitude; you and the cast and crew of Jericho!


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