14 August 2007

Introducing ....a new series of posts

I have not up to now, done much posting about the stars themselves. This is more due to my not having the time up until now than any other reason. Today I had been thinking of how to take this blog back into its Jericho Roots abit more, without losing sight of the Troop Efforts and other things we are all doing in the Jericho movement. I decided it was time for me to try my hand at a bit of background on each of the cast of Jericho.

If this is something you find interesting and you have a special request as to whom I might write about next, feel free to leave a comment here!

Introducing ~ Lennie James (AKA Robert Hawkins on Jericho)

The reason I chose Lennie for my first cast post? There are two reasons, Hawkins is my daughters number one character on Jericho so it is in honor of my daughter and her absolute assurance that Hawkins was always the "good guy" in the story and also due to the fact that his work as Hawkins on Jericho is fabulous.

* at end of post, I'll tell how she knew Hawkins was the good guy's *

Lennie James is a man of many talents. The first time I saw him in a movie was a small bit he did in Lost in Space.His role in the movie may have been small, but it was great. However, there is more to this man than his roles!

Let me introduce you * if you are not already aware * to the fact that this man is a brilliant writer. I am a huge fan of real writers, those who make you feel the feelings they convey. The kind of writers who make your mind tingle with a rush because of the way they put their words together, because of the words they choose. Words have power, some more than others but to know how to insert just the right word in the right place, that is genius.

Lennie wrote a article I found today while doing the research for this piece about a young man who had appeared in a movie that Lennie had written, Storm Damage. He wrote not about the movie, but about the impact on a young mans life due to the social ignorance we are all portraying to our children, at least that is the way I internalized his piece. As I read his words, I felt each and every thought he conveyed so deeply, and came away from it learning something about myself and my world that I had never understood before. If you are interested in the piece I am referring to, it is entitled Not So Solid in the online version of The Prospect.

Now, I already knew from watching Jericho how brilliant an actor this man so reading this piece of his made my respect for him all the more immense. This man is brilliant!

He has performed some of my favorite Shakespeare, appearing as Oberon, the king of the Fairies in Mid Summer Nights Dream on BBC. Seeing his list of work for BBC makes me think I need to add that channel to my favorites list on cable, they have some great stuff to watch over there!

Another movie he was a part of that I really enjoyed was Sahara, I am a total sucker for anything historic especially if its about the Civil War and also has archaeology * my major is anthropology *! It was a great movie to just get relaxed and enjoy.

Also in his list of credits on Ibdm, is yet another film I so enjoyed, Les Miserables with Liam Neeson and Clare Danes. I now have the perfect excuse to rent this movie again!

To hear Lennie speak on Jericho, you get the feeling he is just a regular Joe, someone who would fit in well either at the local bar or the swanky club uptown. To hear Lennie speak in real life is another treat all together, the British accent has so many of us Jericho fans tickled pink, and to now find out how multifaceted he is in real life just makes him all the more interesting. We all should keep our eyes peeled for his other ventures.

Here is the BBC Writer's Room Face2Face with videos of Lennie discussing various projects.

What ever Lennie James does professionally in the future will I am sure be awesome and in this world of same old same old... this is rare. So, if you are into watching an actor who can really make a role some thing special, check out some of Lennie James other work, that is; after you watch Jericho of course!

I can not wait to see what our Hawkins will do this season, can you?

Now, to tell you what I alluded to at the beginning~

My daughter has said since day one that Hawkins is the MAN, that he could in no way be a bad guy. She promised me * as I was constantly yelling about his being the bad guy early on* that he was going to be the one who ended up saving the day!
She would just say, "you watch and see Mom, he is the MAN".

She also told me she knew this for fact as she was a secret agent and a secret writer for the show LOL! Kids.


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