06 July 2007

Jericho Returns Tonight @ 9 pm on CBS - what is new

What is the single best day for a kid all year? No, not the last day of school for summer break... though if i can reach back into the eons , that day does rate a very strong second. It is the day before Christmas. The day before is when all the excitement has crested to an almost unbearable pressure, yet its so delightfully yummy to experience. That to me anyway, was always the best morning; the day before.

This morning when I woke up, it was like that all over again for me, that day before Christmas feeling.There are now only 12 hours to go until Jericho returns to CBS television. I had so wanted to get folks together to write a sort of time line of how we got to this day, it would have been fun to read over all we accomplished together as a fan community turned family.
I still might do that as a formal post, possibly over the weekend. I had a total meltdown of my modem yesterday so for just over 4 hours I was off line.

Today, we got the news that all the forums have melded together for a chat room, if that is the best way to describe this :-) the web address for the chat room is JeriTopia. More of my thoughts about this at a later time.

I also got a Google News Alert for a article at Slice of SciFi- Jericho Has Long Term Plans featuring Carol Barbee's thoughts on the Jericho Campaign and the way television is viewed. I was amazed when I read this in the discussion concerning the hiatus for the show:

“Yes, it’s never good to be off the air. But the network said, we don’t want to put repeats in the middle of it, and we don’t want to preempt you [during basketball]. We were going to get interrupted by the Christmas break anyway. Their first instinct was, “We need to carve out two sections of 11 weeks.” Here’s where I think we learned a little something. They had said they were going to rerun our show with some repeats, so that the break would have been enough to get new viewers up to speed. But they didn’t do that. And they ceased to advertise or show us on the traditional network. For it to work, it had to be a two-pronged advertising strategy: You have to keep advertising to the traditional viewers, and that means television spots; and you have to have a presence online. They took us off the air for, I think, good intentions.”
Now, let me tell you all something.... twice during the season, my local CBS preempted Jericho for the Wild Cat games. That is the University of Kentucky Wild Cats; and I was so angry about that! This needs to be addressed with my local CBS affiliate and I am glad Carol said this, I had forgotten that this had happened. I know how darned important the Cats are to folks here in Kentucky.... but not all of us are fans of the sport for goodness sake!
I also wonder if CBS HQ knows that this happened? Did it occur for others in different states? If so, please give me a note about it, because that could also explain some of the drop in viewer numbers.

Be back in a bit..... no storms today :-)


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