26 July 2007

The Coalition Fan Club

I have been thinking about this for a few days now. I was very very excited and thrilled to be asked to be a rep for Nuts For Jericho on the Coalition Fan Club, its not something one is invited to be involved in every day.
But I also want to make sure to do my part, and to do it correctly.

For example - with my gardening...

I have trees in my front yard that do not belong here, Dawn Redwoods to be specific. I am originally from Santa Cruz, California and the one thing I miss most is my Redwoods in the morning fog. There is nothing like it anywhere else on earth, and I have been a lot of places so I know. When I moved here, I knew I had to have my trees because of my yearning for home, hoped they would help me adjust to this environment.

In order to keep them alive here, I could not just plant them. I had to keep them out of extreme cold winds for the first few years of their lives, due to them being more of a temperate climate plant. And I had to feed them differently than I did my other trees and plants. I also had to plant them in cedar mulch instead of soil, helped them grow twice as fast as they would in regular soil and held in water better which Redwoods need.

I learned this all by reading, by learning. If I wanted to be successful in having plants grow that did not belong here, I had to be willing to give it all my attention. I had to be able to call people, email them or visit them and ask questions. in order to learn what would be the best for my Redwoods.

Same for this fan organization. If I am to be successful in this venture, I have to apply myself. Learn what it is the fans want, ask questions of them and then listen to their replies. I want to be able to learn what the other fans want... I am a fan first, blogger second and fan club person third, but I just need to know I am going to do this job and do it well.
My concern right now is, will this be possible? Will I be able to represent others completely? Will the fans trust me to be the best representative for them?

I sure hope so, because at the end of the day, I am a Jericho Fan just like they are and to be involved in all this has been such a blessing. I just want to pass that along to everyone else anyway I can.

I guess I had to get this off my chest, and here is where I feel safest doing that, so please forgive me taking space up here for a personal moment.


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