26 May 2007

Thoughts on Jericho and the presence we have made in the last week

I have been sitting here today, watching the way the forums have been going and I got to thinking, what is it that would push CBS into that final thought pattern of "okay, bring it back".
What could possibly happen to make the return of Jericho a reality?

* Besides my begging on bended knee I mean, which I will do if need be, I have no shame concerning this show*

I am happy to see that our posts grow in Google, right now search returns for the term "save Jericho" gives back 114,000 hits. Impressive to say the least, when you consider where the return numbers were on say, May 24th.

Think about the free marketing we have done for CBS and Jericho ( not that I mind in the least) I flew a tweets out on Twitter yesterday, asking if someone could possibly put numbers to the work we have done in that department.

I am really interested in what this work we have all done with websites, pages on blogs and the like equals in dollars, if someone had to pay for it to be done on purpose.
I believe that it was Find the Boots who did a whole write up on this, but no numbers were given, so any accountants out there? Or advertising reps? What would this have cost to do, and what would the expected time frame be for this to be pulled off, realistically?

I think if we play pretend and say that each persons post and blog would have cost a dollar to do, we would be looking at 114000*1.00 that is over a million dollars. Now in the world of cost to review, even a low level blog gets about 5.00 to do a 200 word review of a product or service, so that would have worked out to almost 6 million dollars!

Now, as for the time; Find the Boots post mentioned that it would darned near impossible to have this done in a few months, let alone ONE WEEK:
Let's say you're Bill Gates. With all of your resources, do you think it would be possible to put 19,700 pages worth of unique content onto the web, across thousands of domains, in a day? Of course not, the larger the enterprise, the more difficult it is to organize. Microsoft couldn't even plan an all-hands company phone call in less than a day.

That is alot of advertising we have done, all for the love of a show. And we did it gladly, CBS can you use some more link love?
We are the best thing to have happened to CBS , and all they have to pay us is a new season of Jericho. Sounds like a totally cool deal to me.
I hate having to wait for Monday, or Tuesday; I want to hear CBS say we moved them to tears with our love and devotion, that they would be idiots to let us down, that they will never quit us, now.

And just for fun ( really, no meanness towards CBS intended okay CBS PTB?

Find the Boots has a you tube video that he thinks could be the CBS Jericho Cancellation Theme song -

* my husband had a CD of this along time ago, and its just funny*


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