21 May 2007

Save Jericho - newest news and info here....

I was making dinner for my family ( yes, I am trying really hard to keep a grip on reality, you know ...maintain LOL)
and it suddenly came to me!

CBS does not appreciate the fact that many of us viewers are not "in a rush to get to the end" in our viewing behaviors. Today, we have emails, ipods, twitter ( I LOVE MY TWITTER), we have drive-thru food, there is pay-per-view events. All this and so much more at the tip of my fingers, should I desire it. The internet gives me instant gratification on a mass scale day in and day out.

Here is the thing tho, I do not wish "hurry up and be done in an hour" TV, if... IF the show is good I want it to last for as long as possible.
I love the fact the Lord of the Rings was in three installments, could not wait for the DVDs to be delivered as soon as the hit the stores and my music/DVD club.
I will re-read my favorites stories if the characters are my friends, my space of calm.

That it what CBS does not realize about Jericho, it was our place, our friends that they took away. We have had our fill of reality tv, of hurry up and finish so we can get to the next thing.

That is what the internet is for damn it.
Sitting in front of the television each Week for Jericho, or Lost, or Heros is what we love to do.

Stop trying to force us to not have that peaceful time. No, I do not wish to watch CSI, it was interesting the first season or two while I was in forensic classes, now its soooooo over-done.

I am not alone in feeling this way, but I know many folks like that kind of tv. I leave that to their choice, I would not expect someone to let me choose what they watch, not now or ever.

I feel the time has come to get rid of the Nielsen Ratings , completely. We have enough tech people world wide, who can no doubt come up with a way to see what I watch each week, let us tell you ourselves.

No more faulty formulas for viewer numbers please, because this time you screwed up big time!

just my 2 cents worth.

I want to say a huge thanks to Chris Pirillo who let our story be told over on his blog, its great that there are so many people willing to help us in our struggle. His blog is awesome, so go on over read our story and then check out the other cool stuff he has over there !

This link to nutsonline has the total of nuts purchased for delivary to CBS today,
6:16 PM EDT - K one final note for now: Besides the 1000 lbs from this group order, we've shipped 509 lbs of various stuff to CBS, made up of 128 orders totalling $1774.60. So including this 1000 lbs, that means 1509 lbs and $3129.60 worth of NUTS! (with more on the way for tomorrow of course)

Whooo hooo, can you imagine the looks on those faces at CBS when the nuts begin to come??? I was not going to watch the early show on CBS tomorrow, but this is going to be so sweet, just have to. Will CBS report truthfully, even if it means major embarrassment to themselves? We will see, we will see.

And over at CNN Media Biz, seems that CBS has tried to deny having already received any nuts, which we all know is not the truth, don't we? Save those delivery receipts my fine friends.

Our fight is also mentioned on KWCH - Kansas complete with a list of all the websites and forums and blogs we have in our arsenal!

The online petition now stands at 63, 003 names!!! If you have not had a chance to sign yet, please do so if you support this effort.
The more names we have, the less CBS can ignore the reality of their mistake.


Has anyone alerted Dave to this wonderful opportunity to make a top ten list for this?

Please do not forget to check out all the main websites for this war, which are listed to the left!


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