24 May 2007

Nuts arrive at CBS in NYC - Round three :-)

photo above curtsey of Jammin67 - great work:-)

so at 11:07 am Jeff and the nuts were at 52nd and 8th.......he said next update soon.... I sure hope many fans were there to help out with unloading them with him, and goodies for us later, he took his camera with him!

update @ 12:25 pm

Well, over at Nutsonline, they report that they did indeed get the nuts to CBS:

12:14 PM EDT - A little sweaty, but we did it!!! 1,000 pounds in addition to the 4,000 pounds that UPS was unloading right next to us. I at least had my uncle to help. The poor UPS guy is all on his own! Security was tight, but we will have some footage for you soon. A few fans were there, for which I am grateful. However, no media coverage. Rats! Plan B fans!!!
Whats got me wondering is, why NOT any media??? I mean had this been say, a Church group getting this kind of attention, or some Rap band, THEN we would have seen media galore, right??
I am betting that CBS has asked for a favor of the main three and they have probably thought about this, and considered how effectivly we all have pulled together a MAJOR operation in less than a week!!!!

Consider how this works in other arenas? I mean, our voice is so much louder than any one thought originally, so in my mind the BIG 3 have decided to stick this out together, or they might be facing this themselves one day.
One only needs to see what they can get away with ONCE, after that there is not stopping it, period.

I have 8 kids, I know this to be a fact :-)

I am only sorry that I am not within driving distance of NYC, because I would have considered it an honor to have been unloading those peanuts onto CBS property!

Laughing my ass of the whole time, because I have a twisted sense of humor.

anyway, be back when the footage is released, and then I will release it on to Twitter, for the whole world to see! And, CNN uses twitter now, as does ABC, so they will see how they were scooped by us, sucks to be you CNN and ABC


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