22 May 2007

Now the SAVE JERICHO FIGHT is being called an "Internet Phenomenon"

This was is listed in the forums and I thought it was the best synopsis of the kind of change we are affecting by our war.
At the blog - Find The Boots, we have a really well thought out post about our war against CBS and its antiquated ideas of its viewers,

the best part of this piece in my mind was this:

Google for "Save Jericho" and you get 48,000 hits as of this morning. Think of the amount of time and money it would take a public relations agency to put up 48,000 pages with your message, all with unique and clearly human content.

CBS is being flooded with nuts. Not just fans, but actual peanuts. Nuts Online has a NUTS for Jericho promotion going. Fans can send any amount of money to contribute to a bulk purchase of nuts that will then be sent to CBS. The picture is of the first THOUSAND pounds going out. And there's another TON on the way. The promotion has only been up for two days. Nuts Online even put the UPS tracking number up so that fans can watch their packages put CBS awash in a sea of nuts.

Consider what it would be like to receive 3,000 pounds of nuts at your corporate headquarters. Especially if you're a broadcaster and don't have a warehouse loading dock because you're used to receiving cards and letters. I can see the New York City delivery guy right now: "Hey buddy, somebody's gotta sign for this!"

If CBS refuses delivery it may signal the start of the apocalypse. I wonder how the peanut vendors in NYC will be doing this weekend?

This absolutely dwarfs the famous Star Trek letter writing campaign. Today marks the 1 week anniversary since the cancellation of the show. Things move at a different speed on the internet.

and I agree with this as well:

CBS is under the impression that the old technology of set top boxes and personal diaries from Nielson families controls their business model. In some ways, it still does, because advertisers go along with it. The viewers aren't CBS's customers, the advertisers are. But when the advertisers figure out that the old measurements are pretty much useless, they'll start to change their models. Spending $500K for 30 seconds of prime time advertising won't seem like such a smart idea when that same $500K could be spent elsewhere.

And when that happens, we'll look back at the Save Jericho campaign and say that's where it started.
And I would love to go one step further here, and suggest to the advertisers of the shows on CBS that they should look to us, the bloggers as the new means of advertising their products, you can see how hard we work for what we believe in!

Can you imagine exactly how this works for other problems in the world? People, we are seeing the power, the absolute power we have at our fingertips, we CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!

Can we put the same effort into changing world policy towards war, hunger, and the people of the world who have no one to speak for them?

I think we can, and I for one have taken this entire thing as a hint, a sign that tomorrow is another day, a day to attack on so many other issues.

The petition online now sits at 65,945 names. Now its been brought to my attention that this petition is second to the real battle plan of calls and letters, faxes and of course PEANUTS.

I agree that those are what CBS will pay attention to most, but one day soon, I hope to get all those names and print them out, and send to every single person at CBS board of D's, as well as anyone I can think of.

This too, while not as impressive or mind blowing as the calls and letters, will show CBS exactly who thinks they are not on top of the tv situation anymore, in fact I think CBS is on the road out. And thank goodness, they will be taking CSI and its many variants with it, when and if it ever does.

Also on the forums this am, I found messages from some more actors of Jericho, and its great to see this. My daughter wishes Jake would come on, as she thinks he is the embodiment of Master Chief himself. ( Halo leader ) This also means he is a cutie in her mind, and that for a 16 year old is the ultimate praise, believe me.

So, if the stars ever align and Skeet does ever grace my blog, know you have some die hard fans in my girls, and me as well. Their hearts are broken to not be able to cheer Jake on anymore, and fight along side him in battle.

There is also another discussion on the forums that deserves some real thought, and that is the idea of children being left alone somewhere to fend for themselves for our entertainment!

Now, either CBS is liars and someone will be watching over the kids, and we all hope this is the case; or the POWERS THAT BE at CBS have lost their minds!

How do you leave children to run their own lives, and how can you say that this is good programming? We are all about to become part of what ever happens to these kids, I hope everyone thinks about this.
I for one, do not like watching train wrecks in action, and I am afraid that this new show idea of CBS is just that , a train wreck waiting to happen.

Hope the parents of those kids think this over again.


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