25 May 2007

Feeling ready to quit? Read this from a REAL warrior

This is from a gentleman on the forums who has just lost something more important than Jericho, and yet he took the time to write everyone on the forums, to help us keep our spirits up............... I felt it was important that this message of his be posted here ( his name is withheld for his families sake)

For all of you who need a little picl me up heading into the Memorial Day weekend. This tidbit is for you.

Ever throw a dart at the dart board? You hit one number and then a different number with three different darts right? What happens if you threw the three darts straight into the bullseye. Now throw three hundred ino the bullseyes. Go three thousand. What happens to that bullseye? If starts to crack and cave. The unrelentless force of all those darts hitting one area will cause it to fall in. Well that is the idea here. Continue hitting CBS, their bullseye will crack. Today was a good day for mainstream media. Now we must pick it up, not slow it down. If 52 people can sign a piece of paper which would lead to the greatest nation on earth, we can make this happen. Still feeling overwhelmed? You all know I will lay to rest Zach tommorow morning. The pain and grief is unbearable. Yet I am still here. Even AJ posted last night I see. It been almost 10 days since CBS announced their lineup with no Jericho. Why is the board still up? Why did they even creat a Save Jericho Campaign folder? They were not expecting this movement. They were not and still are not prepared for this movement. Notice the extra security at yesterdays delivery? I understand CBS is rehashing what Nina said about closure, but I do think they understand that is not an option. Tommorow is closure. Jericho will never close. They may decided to remove it from the air, but they cannot remove it from us. As this weekend rolls around, remember a few things. Farmers and peasants fought the big British Empire for freedom. Result was the USA. The German and Japanese Armies marched over countries enroute to world domination. Countries united and the result was victory. A single person risked his life in front a Chinese tank in Tinamen Square and halted a massive armored movement. There is a common thread, passionate. They were passionate in their beliefs and ideals. The Jericho Rangers are the same. We will (and are) going to make TV history. Keep your chin up and enjoy the ride. I know I will (and my family).

Again thanks for the therapy session folks. It does wonders.

Our Prayers are with you and your family, thank you for showing us how to behave with class no matter what the circumstances.

God Bless,


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