19 May 2007

CBS are you listening to what we are saying to you???

First things first, the Save Jericho petition now stands at 50,480 as of the writing of this post (11:04 am), keep signing folks because if my math formula works correctly, we can be at 100,000 by Monday if not more!!!!!

It is now getting impossible to miss what is transversing the internet about you CBS, just read some of these posts:

Over at Film.com there is a "stunning" report on the CBS move to kill off Jericho, which I highly recommend everyone reading, MaryAnn Johanson said exactly what I wished to say, exactly! ( only without all the bad words and evil thoughts I would have put in it).

At PremiumHollywood.com, there is another report on our battle, where the comment is made that Kids Nation rightly belongs on Saturday mornings, the rightful territory of children world wide. Love the title of the report :

As CBS releases its fall schedule, angry “Jericho” fans begin Googling for those sites they’ve heard about where you can learn how to build your very own atomic bomb

At Sound the Sirens there is another post about CBS "official" answer to the fans on the forums and worldwide, which talks of the high handed response from CBS to its dedicated fans of Jericho.

Over at KWCH - Eyewitness 12 in Witchita Kansas, we have this report on our fight to save Jericho with this great report -

Fans of the CBS series "Jericho" are reacting to the network's decision to cancel the show after just one season. Fans are doing everything from signing online petitions (more than 30,000 signatures so far), to flooding CBS Viewer Complaint lines with calls, to sending nuts to CBS (you read right...nuts).

If you want to help out their cause, follow some of the links below to resources that can help.

We can't make any promises. Only time will tell if this campaign will actually work, but it's worth a try.

All the links I have here in this piece are curtosey of the great research abilities of Violetion over at the forums and can be read here.

Be back after I read through the forums more completely to see what else occurred over night while I slept.


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